How to Increase Your Immunity Power Against Corona Virus  

 'The Horrible Corona virus' , which spread from China to the whole Worldwide , has spread to 215 countries and regions of the world.  So far, 1 lakh 81 thousands 981 people have died from the virus infection.  There are 22 lakh 75 thousand 764  people infected with the virus worldwide.

                   Despite suffering from corona virus, 5 lakh 75 thousand 860 people returned home after recovering from treatment.  Also most people with corona get well without any treatment.  Recovering percentage from Corona virus is 25.25%.  However, in the elderly, those who are less immune and infected with other diseases, such as lung diseases, the virus is terrible.  According to the latest fatalities and deaths, the death rate in Corona is 6.75 percentage.  That doesn't mean being corona virus doesn't mean death.  That's why the CEO of the US magazine offers some tips to increase the immune system to fight the coronary epidemic.

  • ZINK:

         Zinc plays a vital role in boosting our body's immunity, keeping our heart and eyes healthy.  Multiple studies have shown that zinc is an immune enhancer that helps to prevent pandemic diseases by producing immune cells called T lymphocytes.  Zinc has the highest percentage of meat, beans and zucchini.

  • Vitamin D:

          Vitamin D is one of the most effective ways to increase immunity.  This vitamin is available in the morning sun, egg yolk, salmon fish and marine sardines.  Multiple studies have shown that vitamin D reduces the chances of viral cold-cough disease.

  • Adequate Sleep:

          Sleep is not an option for people to do their daily activities properly and increase immunity.  Medical science says that if you do not sleep for seven to eight hours a day, any disease can easily build a body.
The National Sleep Foundation report says that although excessive sleep does not necessarily prevent us from getting sick, the lack of adequate sleep can adversely affect our immune system and cause colds or the flu.

  • Avoid excess sugar and alcohol:
         The report says that by eating excess sugar and avoiding alcohol, it is very easy to prevent bacterial diseases.  The World Health Organizations says that an adult should not consume more than 3 grams of sugar or 1 teaspoon of sugar.  It increases the risk of heart attack and stroke, including high blood pressure, inflammation, weight gain, diabetes, fatty liver disease.

  • Garlic:
          Garlic acts as a powerful antibiotic to prevent viral infections.  Garlic contains a compound called allicin that produces sulfur in the body.  As a result, it increases the immune response of white blood cells.
Like researchers, garlic intake on an empty stomach helps reduce hypertension and stress.  It also eliminates the problem of stomach digestion.  In addition, it plays an important role in eliminating the problem of stomach gas from stress, other stomach disorders like diarrhea, purifying the blood of the body and keeping the liver function good.

  • Honey:
         The benefits of honey are known to all.  It cannot be finished because of its merits.  Honey enhances immunity in the body and also provides the ability to withstand any bacterial attack inside and outside the body.
     Honey contains a bacterial antibiotic that protects the body from unwanted infections.  Different diseases often weaken the body in the attack of different viruses.  Honey is very effective in preventing these viruses.

This all elements are help to increase yours immunity power and strength. So that try to care your self and stay home(this is most important thing).

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