SEO - Introduction /History of SEO

SEO- Search Engine Optimization was born in 1991. Around this time first website was created.

    Before I talk about SEO ,let me tell you a little bit about the history of it's Origin . Search Engine Optimization is a Field where its algorithm is constantly changing. And in such a short time so many updates come that sometimes you have to face problems. If I mention some of this techniques , it'll be seen that after four or five months, this techniques are no longer working. Then we have to pay more attention to one thing that the trick , the Techniques, the tips that will always be useful in a consistent way . In other words , the technique that has been going on all the time , has been going on for the last five to seven years, that is the main basis of SEO .

The SEO means Search Engine Optimization , was born in 1991. And around this time First Website was created . Whenever the first website was created , the existence of search engine optimization also developed. And after the first website , many website were created in one and two year . Many websites mean that there were many many content internet's coming over . And that content is not the same topic . The Content is above multiple topic . This is the contents of multiple niches you go to Google and find the contents very easily . But think about the time , when many websites were created and the Search Engine didn't have much idea . There was no knowledge about the existence of search engine . There was a problem in finding the content of multiple niches from that multiple websites . So  where there is a problem , there is a solution . What is needed here is Structure and Accessibility because of how to access this content .
                     So, from here , the Search Engine was started . So that the problem was to access the content of the Search Engine Optimization. If today is talking about search engine then everyone comes first Google's name . This is exactly because Google is so popular today . Google is the most successful search engine in the World . But Google was not at the beginning , before the Yahoo came before it . From here people comes to the idea about search engine but we need to require our search engine if they find the contents of the Internet .
                      The real SEO game started in the year of 1996 when Larry Page and Brin started building most successful Search Engine till today . What do you think it was Google ? It was Backrub . After it has changed to Google . By the time Google started , people knew about SEO . So much content was being published and people understood how to get the content to people . Search Engine Optimization is a method by which we can reach any content to millions of people . But search engine optimization was not so complicated in the beginning . The evolution of the Search Engine , in the beginning it's algorithm base was not so good.

                         SEO Evolution 

Google saw the opportunity and started were on algorithms . Those were giving values to Quality, Relevant content ETC .

✓What is SEO ?
    Search Engine Optimization is the Process of increasing the number and quality of visitors to a website by improving rankings in the Algorithmic search engine results .

                       Classification of  SEO
On Page SEO          Off Page SEO           Technical SEO

✓ On Page SEO relates to the Content on your website .  Example : H1 - Tag .
✓ Off Page SEO Techniques help Strengthen the influence and Relationship your website has with other websites . Example : Back links .
✓ Technical SEO relates to Non-Content elements of your website . Example : Page Speed .

                                Search Engine Optimization is the Process , Techniques or Step through which you want to rank your website , your Web Pages in the Search Engine's Organic results on these Specific Keywords .

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