5 Best Keyword Research Tool For Free 

Today I will talk about keyword Research tool.  Through which you can research those keywords whose volume is much higher and competition is much less.  Which you can use in blog and Google campaign to make a lot of good income. Today I will talk about five keyword research tools.  If you want to know them, you have to read this whole blog.  These tools are very good and you do not have to spend any money to use them. Let's learn about free keyword research tool. 
Among them -
1. Word Tracker
2. Answer The Public
3. Soovle
4. Insta Keyword
5. Keyword Tool Dominator

(1) Word Tracker: The first free tool I will discuss is Word Tracker.  Of course, there are some premium plans, but you can do 50 keyword research every day for free.
These are the keywords that you are running a blog, article or a PPC campaign, then you can find out the keyword of low competition from here.  Whose volume is also good.  Here you will find 50 keywords according to your search.  You can find keywords for Amazon, Google, YouTube and eBay as you need them.  Here you can also select the country of your choice.  Moreover, you can search 8 times in this way.  Then see 8 times you get 50 keywords which means you can search 400 keywords every day.

(2) Answer the Public: Then the second one is Answer the public.  Its interface is quite interesting.  Here, according to your search, the results will show as the first question.  actually represents the person's question form as a keyword here.  You can answer these questions through your blog. So when you use these keywords, these are all LSI Keywords, they are already indexed in Google.  

Through this you can bring a lot of traffic to your blog.  You can download and compare keywords from here.  Although it has a paid plan available, you do not have to use a paid plan.  Moreover, according to the alphabet, you are also getting the A to Z keyword.  It just doesn't show the volume of how many keywords have been searched, everything else is necessary.

(3) Soovle Soovle, here you can see Wikipedia, YouTube, Google, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, Answer etc. Find out at keywords. You will see that no keyword search will start to show the search results all around. 

If you want to post a video on YouTube, you can use YouTube Related Keyword from here to the tag. Moreover, you will see your keyword related top 10 post and see your keyword. From where you will become an idea. So you can use this keyword research tool.

(4) Insta Keyword: Next one is Insta keyword, this is a very good Keyword research tool.  Through which you can start the keyword research journey.  With this tool you will get search free 100 times a month.  If you want more than this, you can subscribe to the premium plan.  From here you can see the cost per click of each keyword.  From here you can get an idea about keyword search and trends.  Another important thing is that you will not see keyword search results without sign-up.

(5) Keyword Tool Dominator: One more keyword research tool is Keyword Tool Dominator. Although there is upgradation, you do so in the keyword that gives you many keywords research without cost. Here you will get 2 Searches Per Day. Who can not use Paid Tool, he can use these free Tools. Here a search will show more than 300 keywords together. If you want some filter can see the respects here. You can take Long Tail keyword from here to paying battering anything.

    So these are the best FREE Keyword Research Tool. I hope you will satisfied for this information. Thanks a lot for visiting my Blog.

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