Instantly delete 29 popular apps from your phone, Google banned

 29 apps from search engine company Google have been banned from the Play Store after dangerous behavior appeared.  The Satori Intelligence team of White Ops detected these malicious apps and came to know that these apps were installing adware in users' phones.  Immediately delete apps downloaded more than 3.5 million times from your phone.

 Crores of Android users download the app with the help of Play Store, but many dangerous and malicious apps also come up on it.  Once again, many apps from Google have been banned from the Play Store because these dangerous apps were installing adware in the phone.  If these apps are in your phone then it would be better to delete them immediately.  His address has been revealed by the Satori Intelligence team of White Ops.

 In the 'CHARTREUSEBLUR' investigation by the Intelligence team, 29 such apps were detected which installed the adware in the users' phones.  Investigation has been included in the name given to blur because most of these are photo editing apps that offer blur feature.  These Android apps were showing out-of-context (OOC) ads, so that they could not be easily detected.

 Missing icons
 As soon as users installed these apps, their icons disappeared from the phone's app drawer.  In this way, users were not able to delete apps easily and they used to work in the background.  The malicious apps that surfaced included the Square Photo Blur app and the intelligence team checked its behavior.  After the app was installed in the phone, the icon disappeared and the option of 'Open' was not available on the Play Store as well.

 Delete these apps
 After knowing the malicious function of these apps from Google, they have been banned from the Play Store and removed.  However, users who had already downloaded these apps will have to delete them from the phone themselves.  These apps were downloaded more than 3.5 million times in total.  If these apps are installed in your phone, delete them immediately.  Here is the complete list of apps,

 - Auto Picture Cut
 - Color Call Flash
 - Square Photo Blur
 - Square Blur Photo
 - Magic Call Flash
 - Easy Blur
 - Image Blur
 - Auto Photo Blur
 - Photo Blur
 - Photo Blur Master
 - Super Call Screen
 - Square Blur Master
 - Square Blur
 - Smart Blur Photo
 - Smart Photo Blur
 - Super Call Flash
 - Smart Call Flash
 - Blur Photo Editor
 - Blur Image 

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